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High Quality Light Weight Karate Uniform

Tôkon Takeo – High-Quality Top Of The Line Karate Uniform

The Tôkon Karate uniform brand is very proud to present the newly designed Tôkon Takeo Karate Gi. An updated and much refined version of our formerly known Sovereign. This new product is a high-quality top of the line Karate uniform in our line of high-quality Karate Gis. If you are looking for a high-quality Karate Gi with medium to light weight, then you will not find any better Gi than the Tôkon Takeo.

We took the well established and known material of the Sovereign and refined it even further. In a sophisticated production process, we enrich a high-quality cotton thread with very fine polyester strands. The result is a yarn with four uniquely twisted fiber strings blended together. This makes the uniform light on the skin but “crisp” and “snappy.”

This new material was specially designed to our highest standards. It is truly unique on the market defining one more time the expert skills, craftsmanship and high-quality of the Tôkon karate uniform brand.

The comfort of a lightweight Karate uniform material and the features of a heavyweight Karate Gi material are uniquely combined in this uniform. In the past, this has been unknown, but Tôkon made it possible. The refinement of this uniform took all our knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. We hired one of the best fabric producing mills in the world to get this kind of material. The selection of yarns, fibers, and the final thread was left to absolute experts in the garment industry.

We reinforced the jacket, collar, and cuffs with extra rows of stitching. This does not only give the Karate gi excellent durability but also gives it a nice fit and look on your body. Perfect for the Karate competitor and Instructor. Compared to most other uniform manufacturers we also use expensive seam constructions to enforce durability and strength. Even the thread we use in our seams is more advanced and exclusive than what is commonly used in the industry.

The light ocean blue tint we gave this uniform will ensure that sweat and other stains will be less visible – all part of making sure that this uniform will not only have excellent durability but also maintains its great looks for years to come. Our Tôkon Takeo is an excellent choice for hot climates and anybody who wants to have a high-quality lightweight Karate uniform that is not flimsy.

The Gi comes with a handsome carrying bag at no extra charge.
We make sure your new karate gi is always ready to go. Each Tôkon Takeo includes a Tôkon carrying bag. It’s the perfect place to store your uniform for traveling to and from workouts, competitions, and picking it up from the dry cleaner!

To make this lightweight Karate uniform the very best fit for any Karateka we offer this Karate Gi in 2 different designs and cuts.

The two designs for best fit:

  1. Regular Cut: Featuring the roomy cut that we’re known for.
  2. Athlete Cut: Our NEW cut, designed for the athletic male and female body, to highlight all your moves during competition (slightly slimmer than our Regular Cut).

This high-quality lightweight Karate uniform is so sophisticated that it will replace our old models Kamikaze (Tôkon) Sovereign and Europa which we no longer produce. The Tôkon Takeo masterly combines all these features successfully in one superb Karate uniform. Truly the Tôkon Takeo sets new standards for top of the line, high-quality Karate uniforms.

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Quantity Discounts are available:
2 units = 5%,
5 units = 10%,
10 units = 20%,

Recommended Karate Uniform Sizing

for this Karate gi:



1 (140 cm)

4’5 to 4’7

2 (150 cm)

4’8 to 4’10

3 (160 cm)

5’0 to 5’2

3.5 (165 cm)

5’2 to 5’3

4 (170 cm)

5’3 to 5’5

4.5 (175 cm)

5’5 to 5’7

5 (180 cm)

5’7 to 5’9

5.5 (185 cm)

5’9 to 5’11

6 (190 cm)

5’11 to 6’2

6.5 (195 cm)

6’2 to 6’5

7 (200 cm)

6’5 to 6’7

7.5 (205 cm)

6’7 to 6’9

8 (210 cm)

6’9 and up

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

size 1 / 140cm (Regular Cut), size 2 / 150cm (Regular Cut), size 3 / 160cm (Regular Cut), size 3.5 / 165cm (Regular Cut), size 4 / 170cm (Regular Cut), size 4.5 / 175 cm (Regular Cut), size 5 / 180cm (Regular Cut), size 5.5 / 185cm (Regular Cut), size 6 / 190cm (Regular Cut), size 6.5 / 195cm (Regular Cut), size 7 / 200cm (Regular Cut), size 8 / 210cm (Regular Cut), size 1 / 140cm (Athlete Cut), size 2 / 150cm (Athlete Cut), size 3 / 160cm (Athlete Cut), size 3.5 / 165cm (Athlete Cut), size 4 / 170cm (Athlete Cut), size 4.5 / 175cm (Athlete Cut), size 5 / 180cm (Athlete Cut), size 5.5 / 185cm (Athlete Cut), size 6 / 190cm (Athlete Cut), size 6.5 / 195cm (Athlete Cut), size 7 / 200cm (Athlete Cut), size 8 / 210cm (Athlete Cut)

Quantity Discounts are available: 2 units = 5%, 5 units = 10%, 10 units = 20%,
  • Dan Rinchuse says:

    I have been practicing Uechi Ryu karate for almost 40 years (I have achieved the rank of Kioshi 8th Dan from OkiKuKai-Okinawan Karate Do Association) and have purchased many high quality uniforms. The Tokon Takeo is the best – light weight; very soft; washes up with very little if any wrinkles; very durable; very comfortable. This is the uniform of the black belts in our school. Also, Marcus is a great knowledgeable person whom I have known and purchased uniforms from for probably 15 years.

  • Brian Mierau says:

    I have been wearing the highest-grade Kamikazi and Tokon gi lines for decades. This one is my favorite, because I believe in low maintenance.
    Despite all the tips on washing and caring for your gi, I always wash them in hot water, and then throw them into the dryer at full heat. (I never wash along with red towels though).
    These Takeo gi are VERY resistant to wrinkling. As long as I don’t forget to leave it in the dryer overnight, I can fold it hours later with minimal wrinkling.
    They are also resistant to shrinking. I used to buy my gi a half-size larger to account for shrinkage, but I have worn this this one daily for a year, washing after each class, and it is still a half-size too big.
    TIP: Buy the Takeo at the size you need, and assume it is already pre-shrunk before you unbox it.

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