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Tôkon Shinpo – High-Quality Karate Uniform for Intermediate Level

The Tôkon Shinpo (formerly known as  Spirit) is our high-quality Karate uniform for intermediate level. This Karate gi model takes you one step further into the line of high-quality Karate uniforms. We designed the Shinpo with two primary goals. A great uniform for the Karateka that has outlived a beginner uniform (such as the Tôkon Eco or Tôkon Shoshin – former Kodomo) and is considering the next step up.

If you are looking into purchasing a uniform of higher quality but you are shy of buying a top of the line Karate uniform (such as the  Tôkon Takeshi or  Tôkon Takeo designed for instructors or competitors) then the Tôkon Shinpo is the perfect solution.

Our second goal was to create a quality uniform any Karateka of any age will not only look good in but can also feel comfortable to compete in. The  Shinpo will deliver exactly that.

The Tôkon Shinpo has a quality that our competitors can only match with higher priced uniforms. The twisted 100% cotton yarns that we use to produce its fabric are usually only used in highest quality materials. Because of our popularity, we are capable using such a fine fabric already in this intermediate level uniform.  This Karate uniform will last and serve you well during daily training and at any competition.

To ensure that even youth Karateka can enjoy a quality karate Gi we offer this medium weight karate uniform not only in smallest sizes starting with size 000 but we also offer it with elastic pants in small sizes.

All uniforms include a white belt and come with a Tôkon chinch bag to carry and pack the uniform.

(Sizes 000 – 2 have elastic pants, sizes 3 to size 8 have traditional pull system pants).

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Recommended Karate Uniform Sizing

for this Karate gi:



1 (140 cm)

4’5 to 4’7

2 (150 cm)

4’8 to 4’10

3 (160 cm)

5’0 to 5’2

4 (170 cm)

5’3 to 5’7

5 (180 cm)

5’7 to 5’10

6 (190 cm)

5’11 to 6’3

7 (200 cm)

6’4 to 6’8

8 (210 cm)

6’9 and up


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

size 000 (110cm), size 00 (120cm), size 0 (130cm), size 1 (140cm), size 2 (150cm), size 3 (160cm), size 4 (170cm), size 5 (180cm), size 6 (190cm), size 7 (200cm), size 8 (210cm)

Quantity Discounts are available: 2 units = 5% 5 units = 10% 10 units = 20%
  • Dr. Alex Sternberg says:

    Excellent uniform for mid-level to advance competitors.
    Reminds me of the old fashioned great gis such as Shureido, Tokaido and Europa gis

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