Tokon Material

Tokon Material

Why is Tokon material so advanced and superior to others?

Tokon material is breathable!

The more active you become, the more heat and moisture your body produces. Breathable clothing aids your body in a natural cooling process by allowing perspiration to escape. All our uniforms are designed in material, cut and choice of yarn to offer the best possible for your product of choice.

Tokon fabric is durable!

Unlike other manufacturer’s material, stitching and yarns that lose comfort, feel and look with hard use or even washing, the performance our fabric, yarn and material stays at highest quality for the life of this garment. It’s a smart investment in your comfort and a wise decision for your wallet.

 How do you benefit from the original Tokon brand uniforms?

Uniforms made in our factory and distributed from us (please see our list of licensed and original distributors for your country) will have superior strength to a product made of ordinary cotton.

This added strength will improve the durability and increase the lifespan of the textile and apparel products. Because of the fineness of our cotton, more fibers can be spun into a yarn of a given count, which will enhance durability, the feel and softness and moisture management of our fabrics.

Tokon uniforms are manufactured from extremely durable high quality cotton yarns which offer reduced shrinking, highest breathable, quick drying and highest durability.

Tokon uniforms will outperform other available uniform in durability, comfort, design and look. That’s why they are the garment of choice and longtime favorite for the most popular Instructors and Sensei, elite athletes and students around the world.

You can’t ask for more for your money!

Tips for washing and caring for your Tokon Uniform.

Read our Washing Tips PDF HERE.