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High Quality Heavy Weight Karate Uniform

Tôkon Takeshi – The New High-Quality, Top-of-the-line Karate Gi

Looking for THE top-of-the-line Karate uniform?  The new high-quality Tôkon Takeshi Karate gi raises the bar. The Tôkon Takeshi is our top-of-the-line karate gi, for the karateka who’s looking for the ultimate in quality, durability, and comfort.

This outstanding karate uniform sets a new standard for quality materials and workmanship. Our exclusive cotton-polyester blend is custom designed to our exacting standards, blending high-quality cotton fibers with fine polyester strands. The result: a material that’s lightweight and comfortable, yet strong enough to withstand demanding workouts and competition. It’s simply the best Karate uniform out there.

We were able to achieve the perfect balance of cotton fibers and polyester strands that make it possible for us to combine all benefits of cotton and polyester in just one outstanding fabric. Our custom fabric blend means easy upkeep. Shrinkage is virtually entirely eliminated, and there is almost no need to iron it; just take it out of the dryer and smooth it out. Even though it’s a mixed fabric, it maintains its cotton-like feeling on the skin and helps the body to stay cooler. It has a great snap and crispness to it, combined with lasting durability. You’ll be able to move quickly, with excellent freedom of movement. Because of that, our uniform supports your technique with its sharp looks, while sitting comfortably on your skin. Due to its high cotton content, our fabric avoids odors that can be a problem with many other polyester fabrics. Compared to most other uniform manufacturers we use expensive seam constructions to enforce durability and strength. Even the thread we use in our seams is more advanced and exclusive than what is commonly used in the industry.

The Tôkon Takeshi combines lightweight comfort and heavyweight durability and strength. In this new high-quality, top-of-the-line Karate Gi we demonstrate all of our knowledge, experience and craftsmanship skills. This is why the Tôkon Takeshi is truly THE new High-Quality, Top-of-the-line Karate Gi.


  • Reinforced jacket, collar, and cuffs. Extra stitching gives our Karate gi excellent durability and a great fit.
  • Light ocean blue shade helps hide sweat and stains, to make sure this uniform not only lasts long but also keeps its great looks for years to come.
  • Reinforced collar, with extra rows of hand-crafted stitching.
  • Refined craftsmanship
  • Elegant and superb design
  • Your choice of two cuts/designs – regular (wider) cut and the NEW athlete cut.

Our Tôkon Takeshi is THE New High-Quality, Top-of-the-line Karate Gi that will boost your confidence as you perform under the critical eyes of any judge, instructor, athlete, and spectator!

The Gi comes with a beautiful carrying bag at no extra charge.
We make sure your new karate Gi is always ready to go. Each Tôkon Takeshi includes its own Tôkon carrying bag. It’s the perfect place to store your uniform for traveling to and from workouts, competitions, and picking it up from the dry cleaner!

To make this Karate uniform the very best fit for any Karateka we offer this Karate gi in 2 different designs and cuts.

The two designs for best fit:

  1. Regular Cut: Featuring the roomy cut that we’re known for.
  2. Athlete Cut: Our NEW cut, designed for the athletic male and female body, to highlight all your moves during competition (slightly slimmer than our Regular Cut).

With its heavyweight material features, this karate uniform replaces our old Kamikaze, (Tôkon) models Monarch and America. It will also replace the Europa for some of our customers who prefer that design due to its lighter weight. The Tôkon Takeshi combines the great features of all of these products in one superb Karate uniform. The Tôkon Takeshi is truly THE New High-Quality, Top-of-the-line Karate Gi, perfect for anyone who wants the best heavyweight karate uniform out there.

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1 (140 cm)

4’5 to 4’7

2 (150 cm)

4’8 to 4’10

3 (160 cm)

5’0 to 5’2

3.5 (165 cm)

5’2 to 5’3

4 (170 cm)

5’3 to 5’5

4.5 (175 cm)

5’5 to 5’7

5 (180 cm)

5’7 to 5’9

5.5 (185 cm)

5’9 to 5’11

6 (190 cm)

5’11 to 6’2

6.5 (195 cm)

6’2 to 6’5

7 (200 cm)

6’5 to 6’7

7.5 (205 cm)

6’7 to 6’9

8 (210 cm)

6’9 and up

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

size 1 / 140cm (Regular Cut), size 2 / 150cm (Regular Cut), size 3 / 160cm (Regular Cut), size 3.5 / 165cm (Regular Cut), size 4 / 170cm (Regular Cut), size 4.5 / 175 cm (Regular Cut), size 5 / 180cm (Regular Cut), size 5.5 / 185cm (Regular Cut), size 6 / 190cm (Regular Cut), size 6.5 / 195cm (Regular Cut), size 7 / 200cm (Regular Cut), size 8 / 210cm (Regular Cut), size 1 / 140cm (Athlete Cut), size 2 / 150cm (Athlete Cut), size 3 / 160cm (Athlete Cut), size 3.5 / 165cm (Athlete Cut), size 4 / 170cm (Athlete Cut), size 4.5 / 175cm (Athlete Cut), size 5 / 180cm (Athlete Cut), size 5.5 / 185cm (Athlete Cut), size 6 / 190cm (Athlete Cut), size 6.5 / 195cm (Athlete Cut), size 7 / 200cm (Athlete Cut), size 8 / 210cm (Athlete Cut)

Quantity Discounts are available: 2 units = 5%, 5 units = 10%, 10 units = 20%,
  • Steven Robbins says:

    This is the most comfortable gi I have ever worked out in. I own about a dozen different brands of gis and a lot are the top Japanese manufactures. What sets the Takeshi gi apart is its material. The material is probably around 10 oz weight in my opinion. Takeshi gi acts like a 12 or 14 ounce gi on looks and snap, but a lightweight gi on feeling and movements. Its the best of both worlds. I have washed and dried it several times now and it comes out of the dryer crisp with very few wrinkles, almost like it was pressed. Again no other gi I own looks this good after being washed. There are not enough words to describe the feel of this material. I was greeting my Sensei during a training session and he patted me on the back. Then he had to feel this gi again due to the material.

    I am 5’9″ 180lbs with a 32 inseam and bought a size 5 regular cut. The sleeves fit perfect. The pants did not need hemmed, they fell right across the top of the foot (again this is preference). The jacket length is on the longer side. There are also four belt loops for the drawstring. It helps at keeping the drawstring from riding up in the center.

    The customer service has been great helping me order this gi. Thank you Marcus.

    I will definitely buy another one of these gis.

  • H. Smith says:

    The Takeshi is a great Gi. Easy to pack and travel with because of lighter weight but when you put it on, it looks and moves light a heavier Gi.
    Comes out of the dryer with very minimal wrinkles. Sometimes looks like its been ironed. Just take from the dryer and smooth it and fold it.
    Ready to train! Also, Thank you Marcus Sensei for excellent customer service!

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