The Stick-Self Roller Massager


Product Description

Stretching, Flexibility & Recovery for Karate

At Tokon Martial Arts we are constantly striving to offer to our customers the best possible service. On our quest to find helpful tools we highly recommend this item. It serves any karateka in the effort to recover fast from any workout or trainings session.

The Stick – Self Roller Massager, makes Knots Disappear by Increasing Blood Flow to Massaged Area.

The Stick is a revolutionary medical device to treat muscle pain and trigger points that is made of a space-age plastic that will allow necessary flexibility of the tool, providing maximum compression of the muscles.


  • The center rod is surrounded by spindles which roll over the muscle and has “memory” which allows the rod to return to its original position.
  • Handles provide maximum comfort in the grip.
  • Available in three sizes 17″ Travel STick, 24″ Original Stick and 23″ Stiff Stick.


  • Improves flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention,injury therapy.
  • Eliminates muscle soreness & pain.
  • Can be used in the workplace to manage production fatigue and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

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