BOSU Balance Trainer


Product Description

Perform Better: BOSU Balance Trainer

Balance & Stabilization

At Tokon Martial Arts, we are constantly striving to offer to our members the best possible service. On our quest to find helpful tools we highly recommend this item. It serves any karateka in the effort to recover fast from any workout or trainings session.

Bosu Balance Trainer, a Stability ball with a flat bottom! The ultimate, versatile training device for balance, core stability and proprioception training

The BOSU Balance Trainer is like a stability ball with a flat bottom. Bosu Exercise Balls are extremely versatile, durable and fun!


  • Four products in one! Stability Ball, Balance Disc, Wobble Board and Plyo Box.
  • Hand pump and manual included.
  • FREE Xplode Series DVD when you purchase 3 or more Bosu Trainers from Perform Better.
  • 90 day warranty.


  • Versatile! The BOSU Balance Trainer improves balance, core stability and proprioception.
  • With “bubble” side up, sit, stand, lie, kneel or jump. With platform side up, do push-ups or even stand on it for an advanced balance workout.
  • Any exercise done on the ground can be performed on the BOSU Exercise Ball – making it more challenging and fun.


  • Latex Free Burst Resistant Material.
  • Holds up to 350 lbs.
  • Weighs less than 14 lbs.
  • Measures 25” in diameter and 12” high when fully inflated.

Purchase this item from our partner Perform Better: Price: $129.95