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Perform Better: UCS Challenger Exercise Mats

Exercise Mats

At Tokon Martial Arts, we are constantly striving to offer to our members the best possible service. On our quest to find helpful tools we highly recommend this item. It serves any karateka in the effort to recover fast from any workout or trainings session.

This Is An Excellent Quality Mat For Use In The School, Clinic, Club Or Home


  • UCS mats are lightweight but durable and easily fold for storage and transport.
  • Each mat is made with 21 oz. vinyl, 1 1/4″ thick polyethylene foam and has 2″ Velcro strips on each end to connect multiple mats together.
  • Mats make streching exercises more comfortable and reduce impact from plyometric jumping exercises.
  • Use to create an unstable surface for balance training.
  • Easy to use: unfold and lay flat on the floor. Connect mats with Velcro strips and begin activity.
  • Will last for years! 5 year guarantee.

Purchase this item from our partner Perform Better: Price: $239.95 to $459.95


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