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Perform Better: The Trigger Point Total Body Package

Stretching, Flexibility & Recovery

At Tokon Martial Arts, we are constantly striving to offer to our members the best possible service. On our quest to find helpful tools we highly recommend this item. It serves any karateka in the effort to recover fast from any workout or trainings session.

Trigger Point Total Body Package mirrors the feeling of a human thumb changing shape after five to seven seconds of pressure.

The Trigger Point Package consists of a Trigger Point Massage Ball, FootBaller, Quad Baller and Baller Block. The Trigger Point Massage Ball and FootBaller’s dense materials mirror the feeling of a human thumb changing shape after five to seven seconds of pressure. The trigger point of the targeted muscle is then forced to relax, relieving the spasm. The Massage Ball, FootBaller and Baller Block are designed to treat the problem vs. the symptom. Force feeding blood and oxygen into the belly of a muscle creates elasticity, resulting in wattage, power and general comfort.


  • The QuadBaller allows the user to roll completely through the quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings and neck in a safe effective manner … ON YOUR OWN … HANDS FREE!!!
  • The QuadBaller gets in deep to the above mentioned areas while maintaining the essential feel and density of the human thumb, providing extremely effective soft tissue muscle manipulation that generates elasticity which equals wattage, power, and general comfort.
  • For best results: The QuadBaller is best used when it is on the ground, but it is not limited to a wall, bench or countertop. The best times to use the QuadBaller as with any other of our therapeutic massage devices are before and after a training session, anytime on a rest day, and about an hour before you go to bed. Just remember to breathe deep, relax, and after manipulating the area, walk around to circulate elasticity, stretch for added benefit, drink water and maintain proper hydration.
  • Includes:Trigger Point Massage Ball, FootBaller, Quad Baller, Baller Block, and instructional booklet.

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