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Tôkon Eco Starter Uniform



Product Description

Tokon Martial Arts Supply Tokon Eco Karate Gi 7

Tôkon Eco

The right uniform to start  children off with while they decide if karate is right for them. This light weight uniform is comfortable on your child, as well as your wallet. The elastic waist-band (from size 000 – 2)  saves time for parents and instructors since the youngster will be able to put them on by themselfes. The Eco uniform includes a white belt and is everything  children will need as they progress to the next belt. This starter gi will outperform any other uniform in this price class. Even in this lover price range the quality, durability, and the great cut of Tôkon Karate uniforms are already visible. This is the perfect Karate uniform for kids.

Recommended Sizing for this uniform



000 (110 cm)

up to 3’

00 (110 cm)

3’2 to 3’4

0 (130 cm)

3’4 to 4’0

1 (140 cm)

4’1 to 4’5

2 (150 cm)

4’6 to 4’11

3 (160 cm)

5’0 to 5’5

4 (170 cm)

5’6 to 5’9

5 (180 cm)

5’10 to 6’0

6 (190 cm)

6’0 to 6’3

7 (200 cm)

6’4 to 6’5


Additional Information

Weight 2.2 lbs

000 (110cm), 00 (120cm), 0 (130cm), 1 (140cm), 2 (150cm), 3 (160cm), 4 (170cm), 5 (180cm), 6 (190cm), 7 (200cm)


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