Perform Better: Cold Roller


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At Tokon Martial Arts we are constantly striving to offer to our customers the best possible service. On our quest to find helpful tools we highly recommend this item. It serves any karateka in the effort to recover fast from any workout or trainings session.

Incorporates myofascial release and cold compression.


  • Perfect for releasing lactic acid from your muscles and helping restore
    tendons and fascia by icing them for recovery.
  • Place roller in the freezer for 2+ hours, wipe down with a warm
    washcloth to remove frost and being rolling.
  • Maintains cold effectiveness for up to 3 hours.
  • Targets only muscles with cold compression maximizing recovery.
  • Stainless steel roller resists scratching and breakdown.
  • Polyurethane wheels allow for easy rolling and durability.
  • Compact and travel friendly. (11½”L x 4″W).

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